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Vietnamese eat out and cooking behaviors (2022)

This is a survey as to the demand change afer covid, as well as the demand of international cuisine

Vietnamese eat out and cooking behaviors (2022)
Vietnamese eat out and cooking behaviors (2022)

36% of the respondent decreased their cooking frequency, after the social distancing during Covid timing

The ratio of “cooking frequency decrease” is higher as the average income goes up. The wealthy group tends to increase eat out occasions

The demand of eat went back compared with covid timing

While youth rely on the information from parents, they come to have more variety of information source particularly form online and friends from mid 20’s.

62% knows how to cook international cuisine. The most popular cuisine is Korean followed by Thai

The popularity of Thai and Japanese are among the highest for the cuisine that they would like to learn

300 respondents, from 16-49 years old, both male / female

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