Our solution for south east asia online survey

We help your quick market findings in sea countries

How we help your market understanding in South East Asia

We provide online market research in South East Asia countries including Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Philippines, Indonesia and Vietnam. Here is how we would help you

Our research solutions for South East Asia

Brand health check

Brand health check

Understand the brand positioning of your product / service against your competitors effectively to understand the differences in each target country of yours

Concept check

Concept check

Collect the feedback as to your new concept product / service from each South East Asian consumer to maximize your business opportunity

Consumer understanding

Consumer understanding

Understand the versatile South East Asia audience effectively via online market research. Online research helps you reach the audience effectively with an affordable cost.

Package testing

Package testing

Our proprietary packaging survey helps you understand the effectiveness of your new creatives, to predict if your package will play the role of getting your audience's attention adequately

Campaign review

Campaign review

Evaluate your campaign effectiveness by knowing the recognition, purchase intentions and likeness of your creative to review your marketing effectiveness.



Not only for online market research, but we also manage a variety of offline market research services including In-depth interviews, focus groups via our recruitment networks

Countries we support


Steps to support your South East Asia research

Questionnaire design

1. Questionnaire design

We work on the questionnaire to collect the market information effectively to include 5W1H questions.


2. Translation

We work on the localization of the questionnaire. The brand list or product list can be customized for each country.

Data collection

3. Data collection

We collect the data from the target audience online using the region-wide panel network. It could only take a few days for several hundred data collection.

Reporting (online, offline)

4. Reporting (online, offline)

The collected data could be shared both online or offline. We could provide the full analysis report, or share the result via an online dashboard


Q&Me is the Vietnam market research service that provides the superb Vietnam consumer trend and insight for your business success in Vietnam.

Our leading-edge technology made both of the quantitative and qualitative survey online so that we could deliver the high-quality Vietnam market data with affordable pricing. In our service, even group interview can be conducted online as Chat survey so that you could omit the hassle of business trip. Now that Q&Me manages the panelist directly, information you need will be delivered to you instantly.

Please contact us for any inquiries about Vietnam market. We are more than happy to get in touch with you and help your business success in Vietnam.