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Popular mobile app and user analysis in Vietnam

Smartphone is on everyone’s hand and Vietnamese spend hours playing with it. We made the research as to what apps are indispensable for those who live in urban area of Vietnam.

Popular mobile app and user analysis in Vietnam
Popular mobile app and user analysis in Vietnam

Times spent on internet is far longer than the ones spent for TV. This is typical for the younger generations

Facebook is the applications that people use the most in Vietnam followed by Zalo

YouTube and Instagram have more popularity among the age group of 18-24

The popularity of online shopping apps are on the increase especially those who are 25 years old and above with high social expressiveness

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Survey about Popular mobile app and user analysis in Vietnam 

Number of respondents: 579

From 18 - 39 HCM and Hanoi Residents 

Conducted on December, 2017 

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