What is FieldCheck

Based on the data collection and analysis features of Q&Me, we developed the field staff management solution named “FieldCheck” to digitalize your field operation

Location management

Sales / Field staff to check-in for the visit to keep their visit record online for the better follow-ups. A variety of fake detections to prevent the fraud attempt

  • GPS management
  • Fake detection
  • Route planning

Sales report

Reporting from the field staff such as sales, with easy-to-use input and the real-time analysis. The data be analyzed both from online and offline

  • Sales report with product database management
  • Sales incentive management
  • Dashboard analysis
  • Online / offline analysis
  • BI tool / ERP integration

Retail audito (Digital checklist)

Digital checklist on field for audit purpose. Easy scoring feature for better understanding. You could share note or follow-up action among the team

  • Scoring
  • Note for the key action
  • Approval on supervisor
  • Flexible audit scenario making

Merchandising management

Visual merchandisers could check the target stores to confirm the proper installation and check the status

  • Merchandising DB management
  • Real-time analysis
  • Photo management
  • Track record management
  • History view

Attendance management

Make the time-off application easier from the mobile app to omit the manual approval process and spreadsheet-based management. Timeoff request and approval both on mobile app

  • A variety of time-off request
  • Automated day-off management
  • Support by hour, half-day request

Consumer data collection

Have fieldwork staff collect consumer data with telephone number verification for more effective CRM and marketing actions

  • SMS verification
  • Consumer data management with purchased history
  • Dashboard / real-time analysis
  • Flexible questionnaire configuration

Performance management

View staff s performance both from app and administration tools for the next actions. All the data are reflected real-time

  • Sales / incentive management
  • Performance by user / store
  • Team performance view
  • Graphical UI for easy analsyis

Information sharing

Share the necessary information of new product, promotion timely to the field staff for better executions

  • News broadcasting
  • Scheduled / repeat notification
  • Read confirmation
  • Video / photo support

The other representative features to support the digitalization in Asia

Offline mode

In accordance with the occasions that the internet coverage is not good, our mobile application support the offline mode. The mobile fieldworkers key-in information without network to update them later.

Multi-language support

Our mobile application support multiple languages, covering most of the major languages in Asia, including English, Traditional Chinese, Simplified Chinese, Japanese, Vietnamese, Thai, Malay, Indonesian, Filipinio and Burmese.

Faking protections

We implement several techniques to prevent your fieldworkers from skipping their duties. We have the features such as random checking, GPS / device control and real-time monitoring to manage their work behaviors closely.

Team view

Unlike the other work management system in the industry, our platform is made to be mobile first, so that not only fieldwork staff but supervisors or managers view their team performance and conduct approval works through the app.