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Top favorite Vietnam yogurt brands

What are the top 10 favorite soft drinks in Vietnam? Below is the official list based on the 2017 data of Q&Me.

Top 1 Vinamilk Aloe vera yogurt
257 votes
I like Vinamilk yogurt because it provide the necessary nutrients. And It has aloe that good for skin and antipyretic.
32 ages - Cần Thơ
The product tastes delicious, good for health and digestion. It also has aloe vera that is good for skin.
25 ages - Hải Phòng
Vinamilk Aloe vera yogurt is common and its favour is good.
19 ages - Lâm Đồng
Top 2 Vinamilk white yogurt
121 votes
It has a good taste and reasonable price.
25 ages - Vĩnh Long
Its favor is delicious, I have eatten when I was a child.
18 ages - HCM
Vinamilk brand have been famous for many years and it's quality is good.
29 ages - Thừa Thiên Huế
Top 3 TH True Milk yogurt
91 votes
TH True Milk yogurt is a famous brand and it is delicious.
20 ages - Hà Nội
I like it because it has blueberry taste.
27 ages - HCM
Good quality, affordable price.
21 ages - Nam Định
Top 4 Zeus Greek yogurt
20 votes
Safe hygiene.
29 ages - Đồng Tháp
Its favor is delicious and good for health.
35 ages - HCM
High quality.
29 ages - Đồng Tháp
Top 5 Ba Vi yogurt
18 votes
It feel its favour is the most delicious.
17 ages - Bắc Giang
Its favour is delicious and it has Vitamin.
26 ages - Quảng Ninh
I live in Ba Vi.
17 ages - Hà Nội
Top 6 Vinamilk Probi yogurt
13 votes
Good for digestion.
24 ages - HCM
Delicious, good for digestion, good brand.
22 ages - HCM
Delicious, nutritious and famous.
20 ages - Hà Nội
Top 7 Co Gai Ha Lan yogurt
12 votes
It is delicious and it has a lot of promotion.
28 ages - HCM
Because it has good quality, good for health and reasonable price.
36 ages - Hà Tĩnh
Prestigious brand.
42 ages - Hà Nội
Top 8 Vinamilk SuSu yogurt
9 votes
Good sour taste, fatty, delicious and fragrant.
35 ages - Bắc Ninh
Prestigious brand and it has a good quality.
18 ages - Thanh Hoá
Safe hygiene.
29 ages - Đồng Tháp
Top 9 Vinamilk Probeauty yogurt
7 votes
It is good for health and it also has delicious nutty fruity.
21 ages - HCM
Makes the skin nicer and younger.
28 ages - HCM
It is delicious.
31 ages - Hà Nội
Top 10 Nuti yogurt
6 votes
Its smell is good and delicious.
19 ages - Lâm Đồng
It is delicious.
13 ages - Khánh Hoà
Its favour is special.
18 ages - HCM

Survey about Top favorite Vietnam yogurt brands.

Number of respondents: 600

Male and female from 15 - 60 years old, nationwide. 

Conducted on August, 2017 

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