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Makeup survey among Vietnamese

44% make up regularly

Average monthly spending on cosmetics is 140,000 VND

Friends(70%) and website(58%) are the common information source

Korean brands are overwhelmingly popular among Vietnamese

Asia Plus Inc.

February 12th, 2015

Asia Plus Inc. (Tokyo, Japan), the service provider of Vietnam market research “Q&Me”, has conducted the survey of “Cosmetic survey among Vietnamese” among 500 Vietnamese females from 20 to 39 years old. The survey has looked into the consumer behaviors of Vietnam from the perspectives of “makeup customs”, “spending”, “information source” and “brand image by country”.

Survey information

44% makes up regularly

As for Vietnamese frequency of wearing makeups, the survey proved that only 24% makes up every day and 44% does at least once a week, while 45% make up only for special occasions. On the other hand, it is found out that common cases of make-ups are “parties (88%)”, “dating (70%)”. No more than 11% Vietnamese “always” makes up to office / schools. The total number of those who make up to school / offices remains 59% even including “sometimes”.

Makeup survey among Vietnamese
Makeup survey among Vietnamese

Average monthly spending is 140,000VND

In terms of the spending on cosmetics, the survey shows that Vietnamese spends on cosmetic items for140,000VND in average. Only 21% spends more than 20M VND. The spending and income has a co-relationships. Those who earn less than 5M VND monthly spend 110.000 VND monthly, while those with more than 5M VND income pay 190.000 VND.

Makeup survey among Vietnamese

“Friends (70%)” and “websites (58%)” are the common information source

When it comes to the information source, “friends (70%)” and “website (58%)” are the most common information source. Among these websites, most popular are “eve.vn (51%)”, “each product website (45%)” and “phunutoday.vn (43%)”.

Makeup survey among Vietnamese

Korean brands are overwhelmingly popular among Vietnamese

Regarding brand image of each country, the survey revealed that Vietnamese have quite positive image about Korean brands. The images, such as “brands for youth (79%)” and “fashionable (76%)” collected three times as many numbers as other brands including Japan. Also, they seem to be associating Korean brands with pricings; 74% have the image that Korean brands are “affable.” In addition, Japanese brands are well regarded as “good quality (43%)” and “good for your skin (38%)”.

Makeup survey among Vietnamese

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Makeup survey among Vietnamese


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