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What Vietnamese eats at convenience store eat-ins?

Eat-in at convenience stores are popular with young people in Vietnam. WIth the mix of fieldworks and consumer researches, we made researches to understand the behaviors at convinience store eat-ins

What Vietnamese eats at convenience store eat-ins
What Vietnamese eats at convenience store eat-ins

CVS has been widely recognized. FamilyMart, VinMart+, Circle K and Ministop has more than 90% of recognitions.

Eat-in space are popular especially with 10’s and 20’s. 80% of convenience store users have used them.

People like eat-in due to its convenience locations as well as good facilities (air-con, WIFI). The location is used both for chatting and relaxing.

Snacks, cup instant noodles and lau are the top 3 popular products that are taken at eat-in. Instant cup noodles are popular among lunch and dinner time, while snacks are taken regardless of the timing.

FamilyMart has a dominant popularity with its Lau due to its strong pricing and bigger exposure, while MiniStop has a good balance of foods due to its wide menu. Circle K’s noodle menu creates the unique demand.

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Number of respondents: 500 for online, 721 for fieldwork

From 20 - 39 year olds in Ho Chi Minh 

Conducted on Dec, 2018 

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