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Vietnam mobile app trend 2019

Through the information from screen time of iOS, we get hold of how Vietnamese use their smartphone in terms of length and usage. Let us find Vietnamese behavior through their mobile phone usage.

Research on Vietnam mobile app trend 2019
Research on Vietnam mobile app trend 2019

Vietnamese spend 4 hours for smartphone. 65% of the time is spend only for top 4 apps - Facebook, YouTube, Messenger, Zalo. Media usage is not versatile as the developed countries and Facebook works as the information portal for anything (and thus very competitive market).

Vietnamese are much more familiar with social network and messenger, rather than web and email. The communication strategy needs to be updated accordingly.

Rideshare change the logistic and infrastructure in Vietnam. Now food delivery gains the popularity, and will be expanded to the other services. This sharing infrastructure matches with Vietnam, due to the low labor force and lack of convenience.

Mobile payment is not yet penetrated. The main usage is for mobile charge or game charge even. Requires the big consumer incentives to drive for the higher penetrations.

When logistics and payment is innovated, the retail behavior will change drastically.

From 108 iPhone users in HCM and Hanoi from 18-39 years old who has provided the screentime information. 

Conducted on July, 2019 

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