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Vietnamese girl selling clothes over Facebook

Facebook is the indispensable tool for Vietnamese. They use Facebook not only as the tool for the communication but outlet to sell items. Especially the field where the Facebook online shopping is hot is fashion and accessories. They create fan pages with their own brand and upload the photos with the pricing to receive the orders. Let us take a look at how they manage their online business from the example of my friend, a 25 year old female.

Ms. Hien manages a female apparel online shop for a year. She goes to Thailand for 3 times yearly to buy clothes and put them on her online shops. Many Vietnamese prefers “made in Thailand” to “made in China” and take clothes form Thailand as fashionable icons.

The online shop of Ms. Hien on Facebook with nearly 20,000 fans.

She works as web designer at the normal hours and spends her spare time for her online shops. She takes care of inquiries from customers, products deliveries and page updates.

The page updates are one of her most important task and she usually asks her friends to be the models as volunteers. She updates her page 2-3 times daily to update the product information. Once posted, those who are interested either message her or calls to her mobile.

She uses Facebook ads to increase the likes and spends 10% of her sales revenues on it. Her main ads targets are 20-27 females in HCM. She also increases the number of fans through word-of-mouth.

Product posts on Facebook

Once purchased, she delivers the items for herself if the one who purchases lives nearly. If not, she uses Dove Express charging extra 20,000-30,000 VND to a customer bill. She takes this shop as one of her hobby rather than additional revenues.

I see university students doing same things as they have more free time. This is an easy way to do business as no set up cost is necessary and fans would increase by word-of-mouth. This is the scheme to utilize Vietnamese frequent and aggressive communications through Facebook.


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