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Popular liquid milk among Vietnamese youth

Q&Me is a Vietnam market online research firm. Recently we have done some analysis on popular liquid milk brand as well as drinking milk behaviors among the youth. The survey was conducted for over 2000 young Vietnamese from 16 to 24 years old.

Fresh liquid milk is the most popular milk products among the youth

In dairy market, fresh liquid milk is chosen as “best seller” product which the youth use most common with 33% and followed by yogurt (30%). The other products in this category such as condense milk, fresh cream, powder milk or cheese are not so popular and do not have much consumption from this age range.

Popular liquid milk among Vietnamese youth

Vinamilk is the top brand in the liquid milk market for all parts of Vietnam

There are several brands of liquid milk available in the market; interestingly “Vinamilk” is the top of mind brand in our recent research for both male and female, followed by “TH True Milk”. However, the runner-up brands for male and female are different. Male go for “Cô gái Hà Lan” with 12% while female chose “Fami” at 3rd place with 10%.

Popular liquid milk among Vietnamese youth

When analyzing from region point of view, accept for “Vinamilk” and “TH True Milk” are still the dominants, the rest of top 5 brands seem to vary by different parts of Vietnam. For Northern people, “Fami, “Cô gái Hà Lan” and “Ba Vì” are more preferable; whereas, “Cô gái Hà Lan”, “Milo” and “Nutifood” are more common in the Middle. Moreover, the Southern people choose “Cô gái Hà Lan”, “Fami” and “Milo” are their followed favorite brands.

Popular liquid milk among Vietnamese youth

Fresh milk with sugar is the most favorable flavor and 180ml is the most purchased box

Almost 50% male and female agree that fresh milk with sugar is their favorite flavor while strawberry is the least attractive flavor for the youth. In addition, 80% Vietnamese youth prefer to get 180ml box rather than 1L bottle.

Popular liquid milk among Vietnamese youth

Liquid milk is mainly purchased in supermarket and local market

Concerning the purchasing behaviors for liquid milk, we figured out that 36% female prefer to buy milk in the supermarket; whereas, it’s 44% male get milk from local market.

It’s also interesting to take a look on differences by regions as most common place to buy milk for Southern people is supermarket with 38%. In the Middle and the North, liquid milk is mainly purchased in local market with 54% and 38% respectively.

Popular liquid milk among Vietnamese youth

Through our survey, it may not give a detail look for the whole liquid milk market; yet, it will bring you a quick look as well as get some sense of the trend and consumers’ behaviors recently in this category.


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