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Ao Dai? See-through shirt? What fashion turns Vietnamese men on?

Vietnam is a hot country not only in terms of the temperatures but also the fashion! If you are men and are outside of Vietnam, you must have been amazed some of the clothes that Vietnamese female put on. Their traditional clothes are seduction in addition to beautiful and their costume on dating sometimes look aggressive. And yes, clothes on motorbike.

How are they seen by the local Vietnamese men?

This time, we asked the questions of “which Vietnamese female fashion turn you on?” to 500 Vietnamese men. The choices are as follows

1. See-through shirt

2. Mini skirt on motorbike

3. White Ao dai (and skins visible on the chest)

4. Tank top

5. Tight shirt (yes, the one that bankers or office lady wear as uniform)

Phong cách thời trang nào của phụ nữ khiến đàn ông Việt Nam cảm thấy hứng thú?

And here is the result. We ask them to score 1-5 (5 highest) and took the average

Tank top got the best score, followed by Ao dai. What comes afterwards are mini-skirt, then both of see-through and tight shirts.

Phong cách thời trang nào của phụ nữ khiến đàn ông Việt Nam cảm thấy hứng thú?

Let us take one step deeper. You will see the different perspectives if you break it down by ages.

People above 30’s support Ao dai dominantly, while teenangers and 20’s support tank top. Well, you would agree that the youth love more apparent things while the elderly like sneak view of sexiness in the tradition.

Phong cách thời trang nào của phụ nữ khiến đàn ông Việt Nam cảm thấy hứng thú?

Let us see how they say.

1. See-through shirt

• Mr. T (31 years old, Ho Chi Minh City) said “I like see-through shirt because it sexy enough to make more exciting and curious”

2. Ao dai

• Mr. L (48 years old, An Giang) said “I choose ao dai because this is traditional fashion and it make Vietnamese woman more beautiful”.

3. Tank top

• Mr. K (23 years old, Hanoi) said “In my eyes tank top make woman young, dynamic, fresh and especially a bit sexy”

4. Mini-skirt

• Mr. A (34 years old, Ho Chi Minh City) said “Delicious and I cannot turn off my eyes when I see this fashion when drive motorbike”

5. Tight shirt

• Mr. D (30 years old, Hanoi) said “ this fashion look secret and polite in working environment”

So with young people they like a bit sexy and modern fashion but for older people they like traditional beauty of Vietnamese woman.


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