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Music life of Vietnamese

Music is one of the most popular entertainment for Vietnamese. This time, I would like to share with you how we enjoy listening to the music in Vietnam.

When it comes to listening to the music, probably the biggest differences is that people in Vietnam rarely buy music but enjoy free of charges. We have several websites that offers the music of local and international freely, although you have to become the premium member if you would like to listen to them with a high quality.

The most popular websites for listening and downloading music in Vietnam are mp3.zing.vn, nhaccuatui.com, nhacso.net, nhac.vui.vn, etc.

Music life of Vietnamese

Mp3.zing.vn is the biggest one with around 60,000,000 visits monthly

Let us see the voices of my friends.

Tai (26 years old - an officer in Ho Chi Minh city): “I always spend at least 5 hours per day for listening to music. I love music regardless of no matter where I am. I am a big music follower and I pay 270,000 VND per year to receive the music of high quality from zing mp3. I could listen and download any songs by becoming the member.”

Dat (21 years old – an university student in Ho Chi Minh city): “I spend 5 hours on internet and 2 hours are for listening to music. Until now, I am okay with the free service as I do not stick with the music quality so much. The normal quality satisfies me enough and I do not think I will pay for music in the future either.”

In a recent research from Q&Me Market Research, 60% Vietnamese youth listens to music on the internet everyday, it proves how popular music is and how important role music play a role to Vietnamese life.


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