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How to rent a house in Vietnam

Looking for a rent house is no easy in Vietnam, especially the big cities of Ho Chi Minh and Hanoi. Unlike the developed countries, most of us do not use “real estate agency” to find where to live. We have to contact house owners directly.

How to rent a house in Vietnam

A local website to look for rent room/house

We have agencies as well, but I feel there are some issues. One is that they are not experts and I often feel that I could find my house better without them. The 2nd is the introduction cost. Now that most of us does not afford paying too much money, we prefer to look for houses ourselves to save the cost. I also feel it is better to look for a house myself as I could have the direct negotiation with house owners.

Let me explain how we look for a room/house through my experience. It was not easy for me either.

Firstly, I searched for website and facebook. Also I asked my friends and look for posters on the streets, to see if there are anywhere good for me. Some popular website such as batdongsan.com.vn, thuephongtro.com, rongbay.com, chotot.vn, nhatroso.net, muabannhadat.com.vn give me some good information of pricing, location and contact of the owners.

Facebook is another useful option for me. Facebook group of Kênh Nhà Trọ TP.HCM, Hội Những Người Đi Tìm Phòng Trọ Chính Chủ, are the good information source. It seems that there are tons of group pages based on the cities and regions. Then, you could chat with house owner to discuss the detail.

How to rent a house in Vietnam

One famous group on Facebook for looking rent room/house

How to rent a house in Vietnam

Some post of room/house owner to look for people to hire.

After I collected some rooms that I got interested, I spent 2 days to see each room directly riding my motorbike. Finding the right location was not easy for me but I somehow managed to find all. I looked for more than 10 houses and chose the last one. After my negotiation with the house owner, I could manage to win some discounts and his agreements to have a roommate with me (the original condition was only one person per room).

Probably, this is not as easy as what you do in your country but we are used to this style. If you have the good networking to get the useful information, this is how you win the good housing.


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