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Research about why Vietnamese put ice in beer

The survey was made in order to have the better understanding in the Vietnamese behaviors of drinking beer with ice, to have the clues of why they put ice on it

Research about why Vietnamese put ice in beer
Research about why Vietnamese put ice in beer

Over 70% of Vietnamese drink beer with ice. They feel more comfortable of dinking beer with ice as well as they like the taste of beer with ice better.

This behaviors come from the four factors - temperature, beer coldness, taste preference and atmosphere.

The behaviors tend to change based on where they drink. Ice is used more in case when they drink at street vendors. They use ice less when beer is served with enough coldness.

On the other hand, those who drink with ice seem to get less than before, due to their concerns over sanitary issues and preference over the original taste.

There are trend to enjoy beer tastes better, while refrigeration infra is more equipped. Such trend may affect Vietnamese drinking behaviors little by little, although it will take time to as those are long lasting tradition and street drinking remains to be popular nation-wide for a while.

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Number of respondents: 682

From 18 - 39 year olds in Vietnam who drink beer 

Conducted on Jan, 2019 

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