Are you satisfied with the current market research? Research in emerging countries often end up with the report of little satisfaction, although pricing are very high. Q&Me Vietnam market research will change it. Q&Me will help you understand Vietnam market broad and deep with making the research and analysis online.


The best way to hear the feedback from consumers are to let them user it.

Using a vast number of panelists, Q&Me delivers your sample products to your target customers to deliver their feedback to you most effectively.

Q&Me also can let our panelist promoter your product or services prompting the word-of-mouth effect. Vietnamese loves Facebook and our panelist will share your product info over their social network.

Sampling Service


We deliver the user feedback and prompt social sharing at the same time.

Sampling Service

Step 1

Q&Me recruits the best candidates from a huge panelist database.

Sampling Service

Step 2

The products are delivered to the selected panelist for their trial.

Sampling Service

Step 3

The feedbacks are collected in applications and after product trial through Q&Me online tools.

Sampling Service

Step 4

The trial panelists shares product feedback over Facebook to wide-spready your product information.


The best way to hear user feedback is to let them try it. Receive the voice of customers and let them boost your product reputation at the tame time.

Market Research Service

Listen to consumers’ voices

You could hear the feedback from the consumers that are closest to your target. From the huge database of Q&Me panelist, the right target is chosen upon requests. Both of quantitative and qualitative feedback can be collected instantly using our survey tools.

Boost Word of mouth effect via social networking

“Introduction by friends” are the most effective way to influence the purchase decision. Our panelists will help spread your products via social network. They will post the product feedback on their Facebook to be shared among hundreds of their friends.
Sampling Service


Sampling Service

Category: beauty and cosmetic

The sample products can be dispatched to the target users, which was singled out based on age, income and basic cosmetic behaviors. After the products are used for a while, their feedbacks are collected online for the maker to revise their sales and marketing plan.

Sampling Service

Category: Food and Restaurant

Sample service could be used for restaurants. The new menu of them can be served to Vietnamese consumers with a variety of the tastes and backgrounds. They could help provide the feedback about the taste and pricing In addition, they will wide-spread about the restaurants over their face books.

Sampling Service

Category: IT/ Game

Not only hardware, our sampling service could be best utilized for software and applications. Let our panelists try your mobile applications. They will give the detailed feedbacks about their experience. They also will contribute to post the good reviews on application stores.

Please feel free to contact us for the detail !!


Q&Me is the Vietnam market research service that provides the superb Vietnam consumer trend and insight for your business success in Vietnam.

Our leading-edge technology made both of the quantitative and qualitative survey online so that we could deliver the high-quality Vietnam market data with affordable pricing. In our service, even group interview can be conducted online as Chat survey so that you could omit the hassle of business trip. Now that Q&Me manages the panelist directly, information you need will be delivered to you instantly.

Please contact us for any inquiries about Vietnam market. We are more than happy to get in touch with you and help your business success in Vietnam.