Are you satisfied with the current market research? Research in emerging countries often end up with the report of little satisfaction, although pricing are very high. Q&Me Vietnam market research will change it. Q&Me will help you understand Vietnam market broad and deep with making the research and analysis online.


Q&Me is a marketing research service which provides best consumer insight with affordable price, by our sophisticated online and offline survey technology.

Our service provides accurate quantitative and lively qualitative data from our own panelists quickly.

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Q&Me Vietnam market research is the online-basis, to provide the research quick and affordable. Q&Me manages a variety of panelists who are ready to answer your questions. What you ask will be in the research and you will see the results in days.

Market Research Service

Quick data collection

With Q&Me Vietnam market research, you only need days to get your survey done. Now that our survey is online and Vietnamese are very much connected, your survey can be answered within a couple days (*). Do not waste your time!

(*) depending on the profile conditions and a number of respondents

Reach whom you would like to listen to with ease

Q&Me Vietnam market research manages a vast active survey panelists. Now that Q&Me manages all the personal profile including age, gender, location, married status, income etc, you could reach your target customer with ease.

Market Research Service
Market Research Service

Superb analysis tools to help your deep analysis

When you run the survey, you will have the access to our superb analysis tools. Unlike the paper report, you have the total flexibility of analyzing the data using such features as cross-tab and filtering. You could download the data in multiple format.

Intuitive survey design

One of the benefit of online survey is the design flexibility. You could use image or video to get the true voices of the target customers. We support both of PC and mobile.

Market Research Service
Market Research Service

Even group interview is online

No hassle of the business trip if you use “chat survey” of Q&Me Vietnam market research. You could use polls, be answered using images, and chat with your panelists as if they were in front of you. It saves your time and effort of the traditional group interview.

Affordable pricing

The cost of Q&Me Vietnam market research is less than half of the traditional research, purely because we manage our panelist directly (no middle-guy) and utilize online. Use Q&Me to understand Vietnam quick and easy!

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We provide a variety of services to help your business success!

Market Research Service

Life Survey

Lifestyle Survey from Q&Me is the new way of research using the smartphone. Using the benefit of smartphone camera, our panelist will submit the images based on your missions, so thatyou will be able to seize the lifestyle of consumers visually. Seeing is believing.

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The best way to hear the feedback from consumers are to let them user it.Using a vast number of panelists, Q&Me delivers your sample products to your target customers to deliver their feedback and promote them on behalf.

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Face – Face interview / House visit

Q&Me Vietnam market research also provides the offline services. Meet with your target clients or visit their house, to understand their opinions and lifestyle. Q&Me chooses the best candidate to match your needs.

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Social rewards

Raise your brand recognition with the power of social sharing. Q&Me helps you to enhance the brand recognition and product/service understanding, by letting our active panelists share your information over Facebook.

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Q&Me is the Vietnam market research service that provides the superb Vietnam consumer trend and insight for your business success in Vietnam.

Our leading-edge technology made both of the quantitative and qualitative survey online so that we could deliver the high-quality Vietnam market data with affordable pricing. In our service, even group interview can be conducted online as Chat survey so that you could omit the hassle of business trip. Now that Q&Me manages the panelist directly, information you need will be delivered to you instantly.

Please contact us for any inquiries about Vietnam market. We are more than happy to get in touch with you and help your business success in Vietnam.