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Research on Vietnam cosmetic market 2019

With the rising living standards, makeup and skincare products have been incorporated into many Vietnamese females' daily routine. This report provides the latest updates about consumer behaviors and trends happening in Vietnam cosmetics market.

Research on Vietnam cosmetic market 2019
Research on Vietnam cosmetic market 2019

Makeup product usage is up, both in terms of usage frequency and monthly spending. Daily makeup wearers have increased to 30% and non-makeup users have dropped from 24% (2016) to 14% (2019). Popular makeup items are lipsticks, foundations and blushes.

Up to 73% use skincare products once per week or more often. Regularly-used skincare products are facial cleansers, sunscreens and facial masks.

Online shopping for cosmetics continues to increase, with now 57% cosmetics users have shopped online for beauty items and 72% of those have shopped on social commerce. Facebook is the No.1 go-to social site to shop for cosmetics.

Among online cosmetics shoppers, Shopee is the most popular EC site.

Number of respondents : 480

From 16 - 39 years old in Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City 

Conducted on Jan, 2019 

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vietnam market research

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vietnam market research

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vietnam market research


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