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Top 1 Hảo Hảo
771 votes
Hao Hao instand noodles brand is very common, easy to eat and have affordable price. And I like Hao Hao’s tomyum flavor the most.
28 ages - Dong Nai
I like Hao Hao’s tomyum flavor.
21 ages - Da Nang
Hao Hao’s instand noodles is very tasty and fix with student’s budget
20 ages - Quang Ninh
Top 2 Cung Đình
159 votes
Cung Dinh instant noodle is very tasty and cheap. It also has very chewy texture.
22 ages - Hai Phong
The Cung Dinh instant-noodles is very good for my taste, especially Cung Dinh flavor which is packaged in green.
18 ages - Lang Son
Cung Dinh instand-noodle have very chewy texture. The noodles soup is also very tasty.
28 ages - Ha Noi
Top 3 3 Miền Gold
132 votes
3 Mien Gold is very tasty.
21 ages - Ninh Binh
3 Mien Gold have very chewy texture and special taste. It also have many different flavor.
24 ages - Can Tho
Very delicious!
20 ages - Binh Duong
Top 4 Đệ nhất mì gia
127 votes
I often eat De Nhat My Gia instant-noodles because it has very chewy texture.
29 ages - Ha Noi
This instand-noodles is very taste with chewy texture and special noodles soup.
30 ages - Ho Chi Minh
Very tasty! When I eat this I feel like I am eating a home-made meal instead of a instant food.
23 ages - Can Tho
Top 5 Mikochi
126 votes
Mikochi has very chewy texture and special taste.
24 ages - Can Tho
For me, Mikochi is the best instant-nooles.
17 ages - Can Tho
Very tasty!
20 ages - Can Tho
Top 6 Gấu đỏ VIP
93 votes
Gau Do Vip instant-noodles is produced by Japanese technology. It also has many different flavors with affordable price.
20 ages - Binh Thuan
This instant-noodles is very tasty. It also has very chewy texture. This is most tasty instant-noodles ever!
18 ages - Can Tho
Very good for my taste!
27 ages - Long An
Top 7 Chinsu
77 votes
It tastes better than other noodles.
30 ages - Hai Duong
Very delicious without causing hot temperature from inside.
29 ages - Ho Chi Minh
This instand-noodles has very chewy texture.
22 ages - Thua Thien Hue
Top 8 Miliket
77 votes
Very good for my taste!
39 ages - Ho Chi Minh
Miliket is the best instant-noodles for me and my family. It has affordable price with high quality.
21 ages - Ho Chi Minh
Miliket is a long-established brand. And it is very tasty.
23 ages - Ho Chi Minh
Top 9 Táo Quân
72 votes
Tao Quan instant-noodles have special taste.
35 ages - Ha Noi
Very delicious.
19 ages - Can Tho
Very delicious without causing hot temperature from inside.
15 ages - Can Tho
Top 10 Gà Tím
62 votes
Me and my family really love this instant-noodles brand.
22 ages - Can Tho
Ga Tim is the best instant-noodles that I’ve ever eaten.
21 ages - Bac Giang
This instant-noodles has a very chewy texture and good taste.
38 ages - Dong Nai

Survey about Top favorite instant noodles


Male and female from 15 - 60 years old, nationwide. 

Conducted on March, 2017 

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