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Top 1 Heineken
1945 votes
Because this beer has its own particular. It is very professional and most important reason that I chose this beer is it is very delicious.
28 ages - Dong Nai
At first I just drank Heineken because its brand, but after try it, I am strongly impressed with the taste of it. For me, Heineken is the best delicious beer that I have ever tried. I often have meeting with my friends each month and and we all choose to drink Heineken.
27 ages - Thanh Hoa
I love Heineken because it tastes delicious!
29 ages - Ho Chi Minh
Top 2 Tiger
1321 votes
Tiger beer is quite easy to drink as it has less alcohol.
29 ages - Ho Chi Minh
Tiger beer is easy to drink and it also tastes very good.
30 ages - Ha Noi
Tiger beer tastes very good. And its price is also very affordable.
20 ages - Can Tho
Top 3 HaNoi Beer
1150 votes
Because HaNoi beer is very popular here and many people chose to drink this beer.
29 ages - Bac Giang
As HaNoi beer has less alcohol, it is quite easy to drink and suitble for woman.
26 ages - Quang Nam
Me and my family often buy HaNoi beer. It tastes quite good. It is also very common here.
26 ages - Ha Noi
Top 4 Saigon
1002 votes
It tastes good with affordable price.
27 ages - Can Tho
It is good, quite cheap and suitable for party drinks.
20 ages - Ha Noi
The taste is good with quality. It is a famous brand with nice package.
22 ages - Ha Noi
Top 5 333
438 votes
333 beer tastes very good. And its price is also very affordable.
23 ages - Vinh Long
As 333 beer has affordable price, there are many people chose to drink it.
19 ages - Quang Ninh
333 beer is delicious. I and my friends often chose to drink this beer.
18 ages - Thai Nguyen
Top 6 Huda
233 votes
Appetizing with enough percentage of alcohol.
26 ages - Ho Chi Minh
The beer is quite cheap and popular in Hue.
21 ages - Hue
The taste is light, flavored and the quality is very good. A product of my hometown.
28 ages - Nghe An
Top 7 Halida
108 votes
I saw many of Halida advertising when I was young. I grew to love it.
21 ages - Ha Noi
From my experience, Halida tastes much better than other beers.
22 ages - Ha Giang
It suits my taste.
18 ages - Lai Chau
Top 8 Biere Larue
100 votes
I had it once. The taste is good and not too much of alcohol.
35 ages - Thai Nguyen
The taste is good without leaving bitter aftertaste. I do not have headache.
27 ages - Da Nang
It is popular in my hometown. The price is affordable with trusted souce.
16 ages - Quang Nam
Top 9 Budweiser
89 votes
The taste is light with good flavor and aroma.
25 ages - Ho Chi Minh
It tastes good, no headache and have established brand.
21 ages - Can Tho
Top 10 Sapporo
82 votes
It is international beer brand, quite expensive but very high-class.
22 ages - Ha Noi
It is from Japan with tasty and strong flavor.
30 ages - Can Tho
Yeast is quite delicious, taste is not too strong.
33 ages - Ha Noi

Survey about Top favorite beer

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Male and female from 16 - 60 years old, nationwide. 

Conducted on March, 2017 

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