Why online market research in Vietnam?

In Vietnam, still the majority of the quantitative survey is conducted either by CATI (computer assisted telephone interview) or CLT (central location test) and those who use the online is still limited. Many still rely on the traditional method just because they believe it is safer and more accurate. I would say, however, that some of them are nothing but the myth and we should pay more attention to the merit of online market research.

Why online market research in Vietnam?

Online market research is speedy

Usually it takes 3-4 weeks to conduct the market research in traditional methods. Now that it is offline method, you need to recruit interviewers and most data collections are done manually. In our online market research, we provide the survey data in days. What panelists responded can be seen and analysed in semi-real time through our online analysis tools.

Online market research requires less cost

The cost of the research is the human resources. If you expect them to go out to ask by visiting the panelist housing, you need to pay the cost of the resources to move and knock on the door of each panelists. Online would save those costs. We have a huge number of active panelists in different profiles that is willing to answer the questions that you are willing to ask. Very little human resource costs (thus cheaper), as every data collection and analysis are done via our system platform. Our pricing is half to 1/3 of traditional research.

Is door-to-door interview more trustful

I often hear the marketers say that door-to-door interview is more accurate and trustful as it is human communications which help them get the honest opinions. I do not think this applies in Vietnam. Usually those who would go to ask are the ones who receives less technical training, and thus the method of the survey is inconsistent and lack in quality. What we provide is the system to research with a good fraud detection. We simply block those who are not willing to give us the serious answers with sophisticated technologies. Online provides the consistent data collection method and fair answers if the platform is equipped with good technologies.
Why online market research in Vietnam?

When to use online, when to rely on offline

Of course, online market research is not perfect. One of the big weakpoint of online market research is the profile coverage. Now that the respondents needs to be familiar with internet, it is not the good platform to get connected with people above 40 years old or living in the rural areas. I would say that our system would be an effective tools if you look for the data of 18-39 years old.
Also, online may not be good when the questions are complicated. This is simply because Vietnamese people cannot keep its concentrations. If your surveys take more than 20-30 minutes, face-face asking may give you better results.

Online research to provoke more quick PDCA

It is indispensable for the marketers to understand consumers. Market research help you "check" what you plan and do. Online market research help your PDCA cycle to run more effectively and quickly, simply because it is quicker and more affordable. It is the method to understand your consumers more casually with minimum cost. Try our services to understand your consumers better.

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