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Youtube influences female make-up the most

Youtube is one of the most favourite entertainment for Vietnamese youth. Watching videos from their smartphone are nothing but common. Now that video gives much more information than texts or images, its influence naturally can be bigger as the media and it definitely is one of the most effective tools for marketers.


One of the things that video is highly referred as the information source in Vietnam is make-up. Let me share the story of how Youtube influences on Vietnamese female, using the example of Q&Me survey titled “Vietnamese female make-up information source”.


Among the female aged from 16-49 years old, 74% makes up, including 17% who touches up their faces every day. In Vietnam, still we see females who do not wear make-up even at the offices. Anyway, we had asked 508 of them who does make-up to see where they get the information of make-ups.

When we hear their source of information, it is not surprising to see that “Friends” got No.1 position (46%). Vietnam is the country of word-of-mouth and those who know always are best information source.


What comes afterwards is “Youtube” (38%). As the matter of face, among teens, “Youtube” won the best vote with 44%. They are natural digital users and would not rely on the traditional books nor magazines so much. Although the number is not high, the ratio of “Instagram” among this age group is extraordinary high, which should be paid attention to, as well.


Even when we ask the specific name of the website or magazine name (with free comment answers), Youtube comes by far on the top, followed by Tạp chí làm đẹp, Phụ Nữ, Facebook and Eva. Youtube definitely is one of the most used information source for females.

One reason that Youtube is popular as make-up information source is because of the rich good contents. You do not find the good make-up contents in Vietnam so much, even at the brand or community sites. On the other hand, you could get the latest information of makeups from all around the world at Youtube.


The most famous person in the world for make-up contents on Youtube is Michelle Phan, Vietname-root make-up demonstrator who are known to earn millions from Youtube. Our survey shows that 20% knows her and another 27% of heard of her. The ratio definitely would increase as the early-adaptors will talk about her both online and offline. This is the typical example of how the good content will spread via word-of-mouth.

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