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Vietnam - big beer drinking country (without female contribution)

Vietnam is one of the hottest country when it comes to beer. According to 2013 data, Vietnam is ranked at top 10 in beer consumption of the world. The growth ratio v.s previous year of 7.3% is highest in top 10 countries. If you compare the latest number with 10 years ago of 2004, the beer consumption has grown by 233.5%!

We should keep in mind, though, that this number is made up with the contributions of males only, for Vietnamese female is still conservative about drinking beer.


Through Vietnam market research of “Q&Me”, we made the research among the female of 18-29 years old. 60% of the respondents have replied that they either “rarely drink” or “never drink” alcohol. Also, among those who drink, 65% mention that they drink no more than 1 bottles of beer.

What is the background? 41% female has mentioned that “women should not drink”. This is not only to female but as much as 72% male also support this idea. Although it does not sound fair for a big drinkers of male say so, it seems that Vietnamese remains to have the traditional idea when it comes to the female drinking.

Then, what do regular female drinker do? They pretend that they do not drink much. 50% of female who regularly drinks beer has answered that “they pretend that they cannot drink alcohols”…

This shows the high potentials of the beer market in Vietnam. Now Vietnam boats of No.10 beer consumption in the world while one half of the consumers hesitate to drink. Let us see how big the market becomes when people get more generous about female drinking beer in public.

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