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Membership point cards in Vietnam

Membership point cards are a major part of shopping in Japan. But how are they perceived in Vietnam?


Membership point cards types or genre in use, consists mostly from supermarkets/convenience stores (86%) and cinemas (42%). Membership point card owners of Supermarket and convenience store have a higher rate of being owned by the older age group(25-39). In contrast, Cinema membership point card ownerships are higher in the younger age group(18-29). Out of 500 respondents of our survey, 86% own and use one or more membership point card.

Membership cards that are popular related to the amount of stores in Vietnam are Big C and Coop cards which are in the supermarket/convenience store category. While for cinemas, CGV and Lotte are the most popular. The reason why these cards are popular can be attributed to the product variety and promotions.

In our survey only 51% of membership point card holders regularly redeem their points. The older age group(25-39) have a higher rate of regularly redeeming the points compared to the younger age group (18-24).

Popular membership point cards in Japan such as T-point, Ponta, Rakuten Super Point , Nanaco, and Waon cards can all be managed by smartphone apps and are able to use the accumulated points for many different brand stores and services. Although membership point cards in Vietnam do not have these features, 71% are interested, very interested in the app services and 87% are interested, very interested in point cards that can be used at different types of brand stores and services. Although membership card ownership in Vietnam is high, many people have yet to regularly use and redeem their points. On a positive note, interest on the membership point card services provided in Japan are high.

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