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Beer brands - How consumers perceive the brands in Vietnam

Vietnam boasts of the biggest consumption of beer in South East Asia and the market is on the increase. Now more and more beer brands aim at this market. Now that consumers have more choices in selecting the beer that suit them, we would like to take a look at the brand images of the major beer in Vietnam - HCM and Hanoi separately.


If you take a look at the brand that comes up on consumers’ mind or are consumed by them, there are 3 brands - Heineken, Tiger and Bia Hanoi. Heineken is popular nation-wide while Tiger takes the south share and Bia Hanoi is exclusively popular in Hanoi.

What are the differences of these 3 beer. While Heineken is taken as “premier” and thus the one with the “best taste”, both of Tiger and Bia Hanoi is considered to be “good economical beer”.

The supporters are different among those brands. Heineken is supported by more from the elderlies and rich. 50% of those who earn more tan 20M HHI support the brand while the number goes down to 34% for those whose income is 10M HHI and below. Their associated keywords are “premium” or “special occasions”.

On the other hand, Tiger and Bia Hanoi are popular among younger target. For instance, Bia Hanoi are popular among 18-24 years old the most, and those whose income is not high. People who like to drink Bia Hanoi consider the brand as “home drink”, “affordable but good” images.

Now that beer consumption is higher at the street than home, many brands distribute the promoter girls at the street vendors or the restaurants. This is one of the effective marketing method to increase the consumption. In this category as well, Heineken is the king both in HCM and Hanoi. At the same time, you would see the names as Sapporo in HCM and Carlsberg in Hanoi. As a matter of fact, the brand like Sapporo have changed their strategies and you would not see the promoter girls so much, but their marketing has rendered the image so strongly.

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